Lovells Torsion Bars

Lovells heavy duty Torsion Bars are available as an upgrade to enhance the load carrying ability of vehicles which have independent front ends (torsion bar front). Lovells torsion bars are manufactured from larger diameter bar than original equipment which will increase spring rate and maintain ride height when the vehicle is fitted with load bearing accessories (LBA) over the front. Eg. Bull bar, winch. Lovells Torsion bars feature ‘upset’ forged ends which increase strength by improving the steel structure and rolled splines.

2 YEAR / 40,000 km WARRANTY

Installation Tips

Check your torsion bar selection to ensure you have the correct part to suit your application. Most torsion bars are marked which side of the vehicle they are to be fitted to. Please check this before installation. Torsion bars can be used to trim the vehicle after new rear springs have been fitted. The correct adjustment for the torsion bar is approximately one third clearance between the top bump stop rubber and two thirds clearance between the bottom bump stop rubber.