Lovells U-Bolts

Lovells U-Bolts are manufactured from high tensile premium quality cold-formed rod, incorporating rolled threads to ensure material structure continuity and increased strength.

U-Bolts are coated with a rust preventative coating and come complete with high tensile (grade 8) deep nuts and springs washers.

2 YEAR / 40,000 km WARRANTY

Installation Tips

Do not re-use old U-bolts on springs. All U-bolts have yield type threads, therefore they have a recommended torque setting, that ‘stretches’ or ‘yields’ the thread to ensure they hold firm. If old (previously torqued) U-bolts are re-torqued there is a risk that the thread will be beyond there yield strength thus weakening and causing them to work loose. Some Lovells U-bolts can have excess thread protruding after the deep nut has been tightened. Please remove to ensure thread is not damaged.

IMPORTANT: U-Bolts must be checked regularly and re-tensioned. For maximum leaf spring life, after fitting of Lovells leaf springs, U-bolts must be re-tensioned after 500km with vehicle fully laden. Failure to do so may void Lovells leaf spring and U-bolt warranty. Lovells recommend all U-bolts be checked regularly (at normal service intervals) and re-tensioned if required. Torque settings are available upon request.