In the commercially dark and uncertain days of the great depression, Lovells Springs founder, George Lovell, took the courageous step of leaving the corporate security of Pioneer Railway Springs Pty Ltd to begin with his three sons, his own company in 1930.

George and his sons manufactured their own spring making equipment including furnaces and forming equipment and as a result of hard work, Australian ingenuity and determination the business flourished.

Over the years, the Lovell family and their employees forged a tradition of high performance, based on maintaining quality rather than selling down to a price.

This history gives Lovells unique experience, technical skills, and the knowledge of our clients' needs.

New investment, plant expansion and relocation in 2001 means that Lovells can offer world class manufacturing facilities for our high and low volume customers all over the world, no matter what the suspension application.


The unique Lovells range covers every spring size and design from monster 1000mm free height coil springs for 200 tonne locomotives made from 56mm high tensile hardened spring steel, to 7mm induction hardened wire springs for a Formula race car.


The range and manufacturing capacity covers applications from performance automotive, freight wagons, mineral processing shaker springs all the way to agricultural springs for scarifiers and cultivators.


We supply springs and suspension components designed and built to withstand extreme operating conditions including super high temperatures, e.g. in steam safety valves to sub zero temperatures for trains in China, Russia, Alaska and Siberia.


We can offer materials (including stainless steel) and coating systems to withstand mild acid immersion in coal and gold processing equipment, and extreme fatigue resistant products for mineral shaker springs operating at 20 Hz frequency.


Lovells have the largest hot spring coiling plant in the Southern Hemisphere, with an annual capacity of 8,000 metric tonnes per annum. Utilising Australian made OneSteel for all of our raw material, you can be assured of a premium product every time.


Based in Carrington NSW, with State Distribution Centers in Sydney and Melbourne we stock $7M worth of product, covering vehicle applications from 1954 to current models, which include coil springs, leaf springs, shock absorbers, urethane bushings, torsion bars, lowering blocks and all ancillary components.